Thread rolling

Any kind of thread. Any kind of length. Thread rolling.

Whether special or standard thread profile, short or long threaded parts, size and type do not matter. If you need thread rolled parts, we will manufacture them for you. We are especially good in the production of threaded parts in smaller or medium-size lots in a wide range of sizes. Be it a small diameter or a very long part. We have the appropriate expertise to manufacture them. Send us your drawing and let us prepare an offer for you.

Production: thread rolling

Why thread rolling?

If you want your threaded parts manufactured more economically, cheaper and faster, then you should use our thread rolling expertise. If this is a technical requirement, contact us, send us your technical drawing and we will assist you. Our company is able to perform the entire spectrum of work from turning to thread rolling. Your order will be managed through our corporate control system (ERP), whereas our quality control system is the guarantee for timely and quality production.

Your product

If you are looking for complete production we will manufacture the product for you from the purchasing of materials, through the different steps, to thread rolling and surface treatment. Send us your drawing in confidence. Do not hesitate to contact us if you only need the thread rolling services.
Lehet, hogy Ön csak menethengerlési szolgáltatásunkra tart igényt. Forduljon ebben az esetben is hozzánk, kérjen ajánlatot!
In terms of complete production, we can offer you the following services:

  • Sawing, cutting
  • Turning and milling on CNC machines
  • Cylindrical and surface grinding
  • Surface treatment/heat treatment

Your threadrolled profile

We can offer products with the following parameters:

  • Single or multiple start threads
  • Standard or special, tailor made thread profile
  • Thread length between 10 and 800 mm, if the product is to be turned before
  • Any length if no turning is required beforehand
  • diameter 6-100 mm can be rolled
  • Any kind of metal materials can be purchased depending on your technology specification

Quality control

Excellent quality production is the basis for all long-term customer relationship. Almási Ltd applies the ISO 9001 quality management system, continuously developing its measurement laboratory with significant investments. We have several hundreds of hand measurements devices, numerous thread inspection tools, contour measurement devices to control our products. Photos and more details in the “Quality” menu item.


Numerous threads can be produced in different sizes with the help of thread rolling. We are able to produce 3-meter-long trapezoidal thread forms, several kinds of metric threads or UNC thread forms if required.