CNC milling

CNC milling

We perform milling on our horizontal and vertical machining centres in a wide size range. We are able to work your products in sizes ranging from 10x10x10mm products to 1000mm sheets, whether its steel, copper, bronze or aluminium. We always adapt the technology best suited to your basic material.

  • 11 CNC machining centres (5 vertical, 6 horizontal)
  • Machining on 4 axes
  • Crane assisted up to 500kg
  • If necessary we are capable of organizing 3 shift production

The perfect product is made up of precisely manufactured components. The quality of our machines is your guarantee of a perfect product.
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Horizontal machining center Heller MCI 16

Working area/ workpiece size: 600 x 600 x 600

Other: 1 pcs machine

Horizontal machining center Doosan ACE HP 5100

Working area/ workpiece size: 800 x 700 x 750

Other: crane assisted up to 500 kg, 4 pc machine

vertical machining center Stama MC 310 and 330

Working area/ workpiece size: 400×310 and 750×400

Other: 2 pcs machine

vertical machining center Akira Seiki SV1050

Working area/ workpiece size: 950×480

Other: with rotary table, 1 pc machine

vertical machining center Spinner VC810

Working area/ workpiece size: 810×600

Other: with rotary table, 1 pc machine

Horizontal machining center Doosan ACE HP 6300

Working area/ workpiece size: 1000 x 850 x 850

Other: crane assisted up to 500kg, 1 pc machine